We Create Amazing Memories.

Owner / Designer

Fern Wildflower

Every great landscape begins with a designer. The keeper of your vision, budget, and aesthetics. Fern is passionate in her craft and strives to reach perfection.

Owner/Administrative Director

Willow Clearwater

Direction is what leads us to great destinations. The guide to your vision and the pilot of your project; Willow uses her intuitive mind to cast an imaginative yet logical approach to your dreamscape. 

The bees are buzzing

What People Are Saying

I contacted WildFern to redo my parents' yard. We are all busy people and have trouble maintaining it. They designed a beautiful drought-tolerant landscape. Thanks, it was great working with you ladies.

Edith De La Torre
We’re Quite Multi-Disciplined

How We Can Help You

Drought Tolerent

Our specialty is designing California friendly or drought-tolerant landscapes that are as varied as our customers. Our expansive knowledge of plant materials allows us to provide unique designs with plants that thrive in the varied southern California climates.

DG/RocksThe Foundation to Design

From big boulders to crushed granite and all the pebbles and rocks in between nature’s own hardscapes provide the perfect way to enhance a beautiful landscape.

Accent Your Backyard

Provide a great way to add color and life to hardscape dominant areas such as patios and pools. They are also a great way to add emphasis to the entrances. Change up planters as the seasons change to really take it to the next level

Outdoor Living
Hosting with Style

Even though most people own more outdoor space than indoor it is often underutilized. Let us help you envision how a new seating area, BBQ, or shade structure can help you expand your living spaces.

Sophistication Meets Wild

From walkways and patios to beautiful design elements pavers come in a variety of colors and materials to create a look that fits your style.

Trees & Shrubs
Add Life to Your Space

Large shade trees, glossy green screening hedges, and eye-catching flower shrubs are just a few of the many ways we can use trees and shrubs to create value for you.

Invoke Maintenance

The most important aspect to keep any Southern California landscape thriving is water. Our experts know how to install and adjust irrigation to ensure full coverage and cut down on wasted water.

High Quality. Stunning Design.

Take Your Curb Appeal To New Heights.